shower headAt the Mt Abram hotel, the management has improved the rooms through the installation of new showers with the most sought-after showerhead models. The upgrading job was done according to our guests’ feedback. It brought a more relaxing experience to the members by replacing the old fixtures with several low-pressure versions in the bathrooms. These models offer a just equal amount of shower, as well as conserving water consumption in the facility. Due to the need for preservation, both water and energy usage has been controlled. One of the aims of improving the lounging rooms was to enhance the comfort of our customers, as well as conservation of water and power.

redesigning the flooring and wallsAlongside making the shower improvements, we also took into consideration the interior and exterior designs. The overall overhaul incorporated redesigning the flooring and walls to ensure a more contented shower and spacious rooms. We understand the individualities of our members, and therefore we installed advanced hot showers with high-quality shower heads in every room. However, a cold shower is still available depending on personal interests. Since we chose the showerheads from the top brands, we have a firm conviction that every customer will enjoy his or her stay within the facility. Some of the showerheads are made of metal and brass to match with the other fixtures. Interestingly, a few of the showers feature brass and chrome finishing for durability purposes.

several single spray versionsThe classic showerheads are most common in homes, and therefore we installed several single spray versions. This was meant to eliminate the disruptive technologies that may be undesirable to some of our customers. We understand our members have different traditions and preferences, and that is why we catered for their diverse needs. However, they are relatively cheaper but they offer a sense of classiness and style. You can find these showerheads in many modern facilities including Mt Abram hotel itself. Their adjustable nozzle provides convenience to the users because they control water spray and patterns. The showerheads should be cleaned regularly because they may have buildups which restrict proper flow of water. However, the models are of high quality such that they prevent frequent accumulation of water impurities.

rain showerheadsMt Abram hotel is a first class facility with the most inspiring facilities. The fitted showerheads are some of the up-to-the-minute models in the market. We have almost all top quality models including the hard-to-find rain showerheads. Although they are getting popular among various social facilities, their designs and ability to spread water evenly over a large area makes them a perfect choice. For those that enjoy raindrop-like showers, these are the ultimate choice for them. The drops have a gentle hitting pressure, and thus providing a relaxing shower throughout a bathing session. In addition to rosiness looking, they are stylish and suitable for a home shower occasion.

handheld showerheadsThe handheld showerheads are also available in the bathrooms because people have different preferences. Also, the aging people are part of our adored customers and we must take care of. Therefore, handheld showerheads are the finest selection of them. You don’t need to bend because they can detach from the wall and then use the hose to direct water spray to any part of the body. Additionally, we have seat showers for those that do not want to stand while taking a shower. Yes, even those with big bodies are well sorted because they can take shower without turning. The adaptability and flexibility make the handheld showers an ideal choice in all social facilities.

Our social club is currently an ideal lounging destination even for new members. The rooms have both hot and cold shower, with showerheads in superior conditions. If you are on a trip or vacation, this is the perfect destination to relax as you enjoy the amazing setting of Mt Abram. After a long busy day, you rest assured of a relaxing hot or cold shower depending on your shower want. If you have a meeting in the next day, definitely you will start a day with a comfortable shower in classy bathrooms. The diverter valves and the showerhead levers are pretty ideal for controlling water flow. Additionally, the double and single showerheads are available and can make your trip a complete.

shower experience

If you wish to have a restful shower experience, our facility is the top best option. The aspiration is to create an objective-oriented place for travelers around the region. The rooms are self-contained, meaning they have every utility needed by the customers. Our management is decentralized so that the overall running of the facility is done effectively. For instance, we have the cleaning department that ensures all rooms are maintained at the highest hygienic conditions throughout. We welcome all travelers in the facility because there is every reason to experience the wonderful lounging services. We also have advance booking options for distant customers so that rooms can be reserved for them ahead of time.