barber shopA good barber shop is defined by the quality of service. The atmosphere and the environment, as well as the customer relationship matters a lot. At the Mt Abram hotel, the barber shop looks brand new due to the recent renovations. It has been improved to provide the most comfortable shaving experience to its customers. The barber experts have the required skills to cut your hair and give the best closet you deserve. Availability of high-quality pair of professional clippers also offers the hair styling gurus an added advantage. They bring back the goodness of the traditional barber shops no matter your shaving needs. Whether you want a precision business cut or just perfect shag, the Mt Abram’s barber shop is your ultimate choice.

barber clippersThe barber shop has been equipped with new clippers from the most sought after brands. From Wahl, Andis, Moser, to Soter just to mention a few brands, make the barber shop a self-sustaining facility. The upgrade of the barber shop was to improve effectiveness for faster customer service.  This is one of the reasons as to why they chose easy-to-use tools capable of accommodating various attachments needed. Well designed tools also offer the best grip comfort in the hand. The functionality and efficiency of the tools were also determined through purchasing clippers with different types of motors to facilitate trimming of different hair thickness and length. Also, the clippers’ blades come in different qualities and therefore the selection of all clippers was done based on various factors to be mentioned in this article.

rotary motor clippersAlright, the rotary motor clippers are available at the facility because they are the best of all. They have faster speed and stronger power, suitable for professional barber shops. It is capable of cutting both thick and thin hair perfectly without straining the blades. Pivot motor clippers are also available because they are more powerful and do not overheat easily, making them the finest selection, especially during busy days. The barbers enjoy working with these clippers since they can slice through wet and thick hair comfortably. Since the barber shop is modern, availability of magnetic motor clippers makes it a complete. They are mostly used for tidying up sideburns and facials, however, they can be quite useful in case one or two other clippers break down. It can be very awkward if a clipper fails while shaving a customer and there is no alternative option!
Even though stainless steel blades have been used even before the overhaul, the facility boasts the availability of new coated blades. The harder coated material of titanium adds durability and sharpness. Interestingly, the material is damage/rust-resistant, easy to clean and maintain. However, however, many professionals prefer stainless steel blades because they are cheaper to buy. The coated models are a little bit expensive, but offer a more excellent shaving and trimming job. They also reflect a sense of classiness and personality of the members of the Mt Abram hotel. Nonetheless, clippers with ceramic blades were not left out because they are ideal for all day use. They resist overheating and therefore can be used for long hours. Despite the fact that they are more fragile compared to other options, the barbers are always ready to prevent careless damages. The facility also invested in clippers with self-sharpening blades to eliminate the frequent filing. Therefore, the customers are never inconvenienced at any given time.
During the selection of the clippers, the management pondered several factors. The performance of the features was one of the aspects in order to ensure ease of use. All the clippers in the facility allow the use of different attachments depending on the nature customer’s hair. They have numerous attachments to cut hair based on the length required by a customer. Most of the clippers have more than 8 attachments, allowing the barber to cut hair as short as 1/16 inch. Additionally, there are both left and right taper accessories for enabling easy cutting around the ears. To ensure the members get the best out of the services, there are blending tools to make the hair even and neat.

Apart from the quality hair clippers, the shop itself draws more customers on its own. The interior and exterior design, as well as the structural appearance, makes the facility a destination for all. The interior walls are painted with the conventional barber shop paint, while the salon mirrors take up space on the side walls. Additionally, the chairs are ergonomic because they take care of the customer’s posture, as well as offering the desirable comfort throughout the trimming or shaving process. On the side of the barbers themselves, they have the etiquette of customer approach. They know how to welcome new clients and maintain the old ones so that they may come again and again.