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Women’s/Ladies Hair Removal Salon Opening

hair removalHair removal has been around for years and almost every woman deserves a better facility that offers the best services. Now, it is more than ever before. At Mt Abram hotel there is a new salon suitable for all women. The hotel is now providing the latest hair removal services tailored to satisfy every customer. We all know that beauty describes the personality of an individual, and that is why this inn decided to improve the level of satisfaction to its customers.

waxing painThere is an enormous change in the hair removal services whereby people are moving away from the traditional methods such as the use of razors. Additionally, everyone should know that even waxing is no longer an ideal choice off hair removal because epilation method has already taken the space. It is a new technology that utilizes electronic tools to get rid of unwanted hairs from the body. Since it is a new approach that may seem to be disruptive to some of us, I will recommend every beauty lover out there to let the specialists spread the good news. Interestingly, it is something that can be done not only at the facility but also at the comfort of your home. You just need an initial push forward by a specialist and get ready to do it on your own in future.

epilatorThe hotel management came up with the opinion after a thorough research about epilators and eventually implemented the plan in order to help its members. Basically, these are small electronic devices with the ability to remove hair directly from the roots. The new change has brought a more advanced technique in the world of cosmetics. Removing the hairs completely has been a nightmare for most women, but the devices have additional tweezers to grab the hair follicles and pull them out of the skin with minimal effort.

If you can recall the era of pulling one hair strand at a time, definitely you should crave for this new technology. However, many of you may have come across the tools but you have not yet taken a step onward to make them your default hair removal devices. You don’t need to spend hours working on one leg by use of a razor. Just a single pass is more than enough to leave your legs looking gorgeous and sexy, courtesy of epilators. Alright, don’t waste your time and money on waxing and razors. Let the salon experts make your legs look silky and smooth for several weeks without unwelcoming surprises down the line.

Why Do We Advocate the Use of Epilators at the Facility?

waxing 2If you have been using razors and waxing for quite some time, you can bear me witness that the results last for less than three days. This means you must spend other several bucks removing the hair from your legs regularly. However, this might not be an issue if money is not a drawback. So, you must incur time costs because you must remove those hairs over the weekend as you prepare for the following week. No one will want to walk up and down the streets with protruding hairs on her legs. Therefore, it is time to create a relatively lasting solution as far as beauty therapy is concerned.

hotel serviceBelieve it or not, no one will turn down a money-saving deal. At the Mt Abram, the salon services are geared towards saving time and money, as well as ensuring every lady stays confident. So, there is a solid reason to visit the facility and experience the best services anyone would ever wish. Even though the epilation device is cheaply obtained from various beauty shops, it is advisable to learn from an expert because there is a guarantee of better outcomes when done by a professional than doing it yourself. Confidence matters. Thus, you can maintain your beauty with the new facility. Every woman wishes to save a few dollars and spend on other things, and therefore the facility can help you achieve that.

epilateWhen it comes to hair removal, eliminating hairs on women legs is a challenge. Razors and waxing have been unable to solve this difficulty. With epilators, you rest assured of getting rid of the ‘ugly’ hairs permanently over time. Regular use of epilators makes the hair become thinner and fewer, as long as it’s done in the right manner. The experts have the tricks including advice on how to reap the best results out of it. For instance, doing it once or twice per week can do the trick. The experts can epilate your legs or hands within a few minutes without keeping you for hours at the salon.

Lastly, epilators are not as boring as razors. They are specifically made for that job. There are no chances of scratching your skin. Since there are experts, you will be given the professional direction on how to use them perfectly. The epilation procedure remains simple. The device is moved gently at a right angle counter-currently of the hair growth. Even though there is some mild itching during the process, the pain is much less compared to waxing.

Men’s Barber Shop Renovation

barber shopA good barber shop is defined by the quality of service. The atmosphere and the environment, as well as the customer relationship matters a lot. At the Mt Abram hotel, the barber shop looks brand new due to the recent renovations. It has been improved to provide the most comfortable shaving experience to its customers. The barber experts have the required skills to cut your hair and give the best closet you deserve. Availability of high-quality pair of professional clippers also offers the hair styling gurus an added advantage. They bring back the goodness of the traditional barber shops no matter your shaving needs. Whether you want a precision business cut or just perfect shag, the Mt Abram’s barber shop is your ultimate choice.

barber clippersThe barber shop has been equipped with new clippers from the most sought after brands. From Wahl, Andis, Moser, to Soter just to mention a few brands, make the barber shop a self-sustaining facility. The upgrade of the barber shop was to improve effectiveness for faster customer service.  This is one of the reasons as to why they chose easy-to-use tools capable of accommodating various attachments needed. Well designed tools also offer the best grip comfort in the hand. The functionality and efficiency of the tools were also determined through purchasing clippers with different types of motors to facilitate trimming of different hair thickness and length. Also, the clippers’ blades come in different qualities and therefore the selection of all clippers was done based on various factors to be mentioned in this article.

rotary motor clippersAlright, the rotary motor clippers are available at the facility because they are the best of all. They have faster speed and stronger power, suitable for professional barber shops. It is capable of cutting both thick and thin hair perfectly without straining the blades. Pivot motor clippers are also available because they are more powerful and do not overheat easily, making them the finest selection, especially during busy days. The barbers enjoy working with these clippers since they can slice through wet and thick hair comfortably. Since the barber shop is modern, availability of magnetic motor clippers makes it a complete. They are mostly used for tidying up sideburns and facials, however, they can be quite useful in case one or two other clippers break down. It can be very awkward if a clipper fails while shaving a customer and there is no alternative option!
Even though stainless steel blades have been used even before the overhaul, the facility boasts the availability of new coated blades. The harder coated material of titanium adds durability and sharpness. Interestingly, the material is damage/rust-resistant, easy to clean and maintain. However, however, many professionals prefer stainless steel blades because they are cheaper to buy. The coated models are a little bit expensive, but offer a more excellent shaving and trimming job. They also reflect a sense of classiness and personality of the members of the Mt Abram hotel. Nonetheless, clippers with ceramic blades were not left out because they are ideal for all day use. They resist overheating and therefore can be used for long hours. Despite the fact that they are more fragile compared to other options, the barbers are always ready to prevent careless damages. The facility also invested in clippers with self-sharpening blades to eliminate the frequent filing. Therefore, the customers are never inconvenienced at any given time.
During the selection of the clippers, the management pondered several factors. The performance of the features was one of the aspects in order to ensure ease of use. All the clippers in the facility allow the use of different attachments depending on the nature customer’s hair. They have numerous attachments to cut hair based on the length required by a customer. Most of the clippers have more than 8 attachments, allowing the barber to cut hair as short as 1/16 inch. Additionally, there are both left and right taper accessories for enabling easy cutting around the ears. To ensure the members get the best out of the services, there are blending tools to make the hair even and neat.

Apart from the quality hair clippers, the shop itself draws more customers on its own. The interior and exterior design, as well as the structural appearance, makes the facility a destination for all. The interior walls are painted with the conventional barber shop paint, while the salon mirrors take up space on the side walls. Additionally, the chairs are ergonomic because they take care of the customer’s posture, as well as offering the desirable comfort throughout the trimming or shaving process. On the side of the barbers themselves, they have the etiquette of customer approach. They know how to welcome new clients and maintain the old ones so that they may come again and again.

This is Heaven: Our Hotel Rooms have a Massage Chair!

massage chairProbably, you have seen some exceptional amenities in hotel rooms. Some are useful while others are just plain cool. Well, if you ever spend a night in a club room at Mount Abram Hotel, you will be mesmerized by our rooms in general but our massage chair will surely catch your attention. If you generally love massages and adore these chairs, then you should consider checking in. The massage chair is not a weak one that just massages some parts of your body. Instead, it engulfs you, squeezes your feet, hips, and shoulders, which is equivalent to being massaged by four massage therapists at once.

massage chair 2At Mount Abram Hotel, we have decided to include a massage chair in every room because it helps customers relax and take a break from the fast-paced present-day life. The best way to achieve this is through massage since it relieves your body from pain and gives you more health benefits. Massage helps you ease anxiety and stress and also lowers your blood pressure. The massage chair at Mount Abram Hotel gives you a professional massage without the need of hiring a personal masseuse. Since you might not have the money and time for routine sessions, this chair provides you with a user-friendly and affordable alternative with better benefits.

Osaki OS-4000Apparently, there are many companies that fabricate massage chairs. However, at Mount Abram Hotel, we have the Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity. We believe that following a hard day’s work, customers can enjoy calming pressure on their bodies’ key muscles and achieve utmost relaxation with our hotel’s massage chair. The comfortable seat rocks you and gives you an extraordinary massage. Therefore, if you are looking at soothing your back pain, or solely achieving some relaxation, then you should consider trying our massage chair.

massage chair 3The custom made massage chair at Mount Abram Hotel precisely gives you what you need — well-being, enhanced health, relaxations and chill-out moments. It performs various preset programs and expert massage procedures to provide you with a lot of holistic benefits. The chair applies smooth slithering strokes with either light or firm pressure to help work out serious muscle tissues adhesions and knots and diverts your mind away from troubling thoughts. This chair provides a positive feeling to our customers and helps them relieve their emotional stress, muscular and anatomical problems.

The massage chair is made of synthetic leather, has a stylish design, a solid construction, and provides customers with exceptional performance. The chair also gives you zero gravity positions. Therefore, you can either change or recline its angle to achieve the type of relaxation and massage you want. The smart massage chair’s robot scans your entire body and micro-adjusts itself while focusing on your neck, shoulders and lumbar. The chair is designed and is suitable for a full body massage from shoulders, neck, arms to buttocks, and calves. You can personalize your massage sessions through selecting any of the six auto-programs (smart, healthcare, therapy, demo, relax and circulation) and the six massage styles (clapping, kneading, rolling, shiatsu, combo and Swedish). Furthermore, customers who need more adjustment can use the available five intensity and speed levels. Read more on

massage chair 4

The chair has strategically positioned airbags to target various parts of the body. The Osaki OS-4000 can also provide you with heat therapy for your lower back, vibration for your buttocks, air massage for hips, back, shoulders, and neck air squeeze massage. The massage chair is an energy booster. You can read more on The deep rolling and kneading massages at your lower back, upper back, and neck help boost blood circulation in your body and ease muscle tension. The double vibrating built-in motors relax your body and strengthen your metabolism. The exceptional up-down movement of the massage is designed based on the somatology concept. The chair’s numerous massage heads work in unison imitating the real full body rolling and kneading human hand massage. The back massage cushion has the upper back, lower back, and full back massage variations, which make it adaptable and ideal to use in our hotel rooms.

The massage chair not only provides you with relaxation but also serves as a reliever from various health conditions. For instance, back pain is a major problem among many office workers due to bad postures at work. The massage chair at Mount Abram Hotel provides you with continuous massage therapy anytime you need it. This way, you will minimize your intake of pain killers since the massage chair is devised to follow the outline of your spinal cord and locate particular fatigue muscle tissues and stress points. The massage chair has a comprehensive coverage, making it a perfect masseur that eases back pains. With its built-in therapy, be sure to relieve your back from pains and sores. The massage chair’s full-body massage therapy also rectifies blood flow in each part of your body from your toe to the base of your head.

New Beauty Salon in Mt Abram

Beauty salonThe challenge of finding a corner salon to make your hair is no longer an issue, thanks to Mt Abram hotel. The new beauty salon in the facility provides a relaxing blowout experience. We have various types of new hair dryer models that boast whistles and bells, which can improve your hair and achieve your blowout objectives. You don’t need to spend hours or days reading hundreds of reviews in order to choose an ideal salon around Mt Abram. We are the best. We take care of our members, and we will help you get the best of what you deserve.

There are many hairdressers around the world, but not all can afford to offer what you want. It does not matter whether you live a celebrity life or not, you ought to stay at the top of the beauty. This is the trait in every woman out there, and they can only achieve their dreams by getting hair dress service from a modern salon. That is why we decided to upgrade the facility by equipping all necessary amenities required by the customers. The hotel hosts various people including foreigners and locals. For women camping in the hotel for a few days need a salon to compose their hair as they attend meetings or other events. Now, a new salon is available with the best professional hairdressers and tools.

hair dresser

Whether you are used to Harry Josh dryer or BaBylissPro dryer, we have all the latest dryer versions at our salon. However, the model to be used sometimes may depend on the type of hair or style you want. The selection of these dryers was done after careful considerations as far as features are concerned. Given the many products in the market today, landing a bogus dryer is extremely possible. Therefore, some homework is required while choosing a new dryer. Most of us rely on reviews during assortment process, but actual testing is always the best. Every dryer was tested to ensure we buy what suits our customers’ needs.

hair dryer

Our new salon is equipped with hair dryers with the most sought-after features such as ceramic and tourmaline. Tourmaline helps in boosting the release of negative ions while the infrared emissions make the dryer a bit tender on hair. Ceramic also produces gentle infrared heat that dries hair right from the inside, as well as preventing the heating damage. Our dryers feature tourmaline and ceramic, thus creating silky, smooth, and frizz-free hair. Since our customers have different forms of hair, these dryers are fit for all hair types. Additionally, the dryers are even beneficial to hair that is prone to heat damages, curly hair, frizzy hair, hair treated with keratin, and frizzy hair.


Ionic technology is also a feature found in most high-end hair dryers. It assists in locking moisture from inside, leaving the hair feeling smooth. Since it decreases the drying time, you will not stay long feeling uneasiness. Those ionic hair dryers with the tourmaline feature are capable of magnifying the ionic effect for faster drying and extra glow. We selected dryers with ionic technology to cater for damaged or dry hair. Even frizzy, thick, or coarse hair can be improved using the ionic dryers.

Our salon is an ultimate choice to elevate your personality, style, and class. This is reflected by the types of dryers with features such as the dedicated ion generator. It allows our hair stylists to easily switch the ionic technology on and off for a versatile styling. It is our happiness to see your hair looking shiny, sleek, and smooth. The ion generator is turned on to achieve that result. During the blowout, the ion generator is turned off at some point to get some tousled and textured styles. Turning it off at a given point during blowout helps to increase the hair volume at the roots while turning on ensure smooth and sleek looking hair. The dedicated ion generator is quite great for all types of hair including frizzy, coarse, curly, and thick hair.


All our hair dryers have temperature controls that prevent heat damage. The lower temperature settings are used for styling while higher settings facilitate faster drying. The feature allows drying today and styling the following day. It also helps the hairdressers to do a perfect job without unwelcoming outcomes. All the salon’s dryers are commanding, with at least 1875 watts of power. High wattage indicates a powerful motor and fan that can work quickly. One of the most important things during a blowout is faster drying in order to achieve shiny and beautiful hair.

Lastly, our dryers have speed settings because they are tailored for our members’ hair needs. Regardless of hair types, lower speed settings ensure the hair is kept healthy and safe. The salon management is committed to providing the best customer experience with a lasting blowout outcome.

Water Filtration System in Our Renovation Hotel

unfiltered waterMost of water supply to commercial buildings is not 100% fit for human drinking until it is filtered. The treatment is done to get rid of the impurities such as heavy metals, microorganisms, and buildups. Water hardness is also a concern, and therefore water softeners do a good job to reduce the hardness. To ensure our members are supplied with clean water, we have installed water filters, softeners, and efficient reverse osmosis systems. Softened water is perfect for washing and bathing, while filtered water is used for drinking and cooking.

water filterIn various social facilities, customers rely on bottled water. It is expensive in terms of money, and that is why we decided to install various water filters such as point-of-use and portable models. The point-of-use versions are usually installed below sinks or faucets so that our members can access drinking water at ease. On the other hand, the portable models are placed at distinct points outside the building to allow customers get water while undertaking outdoor activities. Since the facility attracts enormous customers throughout the year, we have different filters in order to ensure availability of safe and clean water for them.

Soft water is basically required for washing and shower purposes. Every room has an efficient supply of softened water, which is also used in washing machines and showers for bathrooms. Hard water is not very recommended for bathing because it makes the skin dry. However, we have ensured our adorable members enjoy a relaxing shower without unwelcoming outcomes. Additionally, hard water makes hair dry and sticky. With our softened water, you can rest assured of maintaining your natural hair healthy after every shower.

Our members have different water needs. For instance, there are those undergoing medical treatments and may be they need specific water quality. For those that want pure water, we have reverse osmosis to purify water. Filtered water contains some minerals that may not be healthy to members suffering from disorders such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Those suffering from kidney stones may also need mineral-free water, and therefore RO water becomes a better alternative for them. Cancer patients also drink purified water because it doesn’t contain contaminants which may weaken their immune system.

portable water filter

Types of Water Softeners

In every room in our facility, there are showers with both hot and cold bath options. Softened water is free from calcium and sodium ions which are the key impurities in hard water. So, the water is quite clean for both washing and shower without drying the skin. Every member is able to access clean water for a relaxing bath, and keep the good looks of the skin. Again, softened water leaves your hair feeling moisturized, sleek, and smooth. Another important aspect of softened water is that you don’t need more shampoos and soaps because they dissolve very well. The scum formed as a result of the reaction between soap and calcium/sodium ions is disappointing because it sticks to the hair and skin.

softened water

The clothes are also affected negatively by the hard water. Those salts of sodium and calcium can be trapped within the fabric and damage the clothes. We don’t want our customers to have an awful experience while in the facility, and thus we ensure softened water is supplied throughout the bathrooms. It can be very demoralizing to find that your clothes’ color has faded, and probably it was a favorite outfit for the next day’s meeting or conference! Alright, let us see the types of water softeners;

Salt-free softeners are most commonly used as they use filters without the need for salt, potassium, or chemical applications. This method does not affect minerals, but it is not very effective for very hard water. Ion exchange water softeners involve exchanging ions in water with the potassium or sodium ions. This helps in getting rid of ions responsible for water hardness and prolonged washing of dishwashers and washing machines. However, our drinking water is not treated through this process due to extreme sodium ion concentrations.

salt based softenersAnother method is the salt based softeners, which use two water tanks, one filled with brine and the other filled with resin beads. It also works on the basis of ion exchange by substituting salt for hard substances such as salts of magnesium, calcium, and iron.

softened water 2Our facility requires a huge amount of water and that is why we decided to have a dual-tank water softening unit, which comes with 2 resin tanks. This is the smartest solution to cater for the regeneration cycle which occurs at night. During the recharging period of a water softener, it disconnects from the water supply system. This means it is not in function, and therefore demand for softened water is cut during that time. The dual-tank water softening unit is useful when a large amount of softened water is needed.

Mt Abram Hotel Workspace / Renovation

meeting roomHotels are not just meant for overnight stays. Their demand just as office spaces is increasing at a tremendous rate. Nowadays, hotels have become equivalent to the largest office buildings across the globe. Hotels are not just offering up their prevailing, under-used meeting rooms but are also configuring other property areas to create more space to meet the demand of the highly growing mobile taskforce.  are a few examples of workspace options that hotels provide to their customers to help them become more productive. At Mt Abram hotel, mobile professionals have been serving in lobbies and hotel rooms but they need a reserve-able workspace that can allow them to conduct business meetings, on-the-work sessions, and conference calls. At the hotel, we offer reliable, convenient, and high-quality workspaces to mobile professionals whenever they need it.

in-room workspacesSince workers are becoming less tied to their desks, at Mt Abram hotel, we have given our old in-room workspaces a new look. Typically, we have replaced the drawer boxy desks with more flexible, minimalist tables, which can serve several purposes. Our laptop trays enable our guests to type either on a bed or sofa. We also have abundant electrical outlets that allow travelers to just plug in anywhere. Since the traditional desk is gradually going extinct in our recent renovation, we replaced them with what can be taken to be a desk height wall-mounted shelf, which is a bit smaller but can accommodate a laptop and some paperwork.

ergonomic office chairsFor guests who prefer working as they recline, we have mobile desks. These essentially have a tray on wheels and an adjustable height, which you can pull up to your sofa or bed hence you will not need to place your laptop on your laps. However, for guests who prefer the traditional office chairs, we have evolved our traditional models and made them more modern and sleek. At our facility, we have launched a new room design that eradicates the traditional forms to facilitate what we call a blended space concept. This incorporates ergonomic office chairs, portable tables, and sofas for more options for our guests. Certainly, we are trying to bring the residential sensation at the facility’s guest rooms with a more than a desk, which usually comes with its specific table match. Our guests have a wide range of expectations and can work in various ways, and that is why we have everything at our disposal. We also do have high-speed internet and ergonomic computer chairs.

The way people are somehow expected to perpetually work around the clock has made working in strange places a common practice. This can be anywhere including at the kitchen tables or the hotel couches. We have also softened our layout with a table rather than a desk to appeal to leisure travelers that make about 40 percent of our guests. Since we aspire to create rooms that have the Bohemian apartment feeling, we have provided various stylish options with sufficient working surfaces. Definitely, we have had the opportunity of rethinking our rooms by considering how present-day individuals work. Another factor that drove this change is the access to wireless Internet that enables guests to literally work from any room. This is also the reason why we increased the number of our electrical outlets. Our new room renovation, for example, incorporates several outlets with a more advanced design compared to previous ones. Also, there are USB ports fitted into desks and beds.

ergonomic chairsEven after adding these outlets, we have also tried to utilize mobility by squeezing our rooms with more functionality. A dining chair is basically not upright as an office chair. At the facility, we have the suitable ergonomic chairs that ensure the guests are comfortably sitting as they work since their backs and elbows can rest on an appropriate position. We have heavily focused on media and introduced a work table, which allows numerous users to share documents from their devices.  We also have a whiteboard area that is fit for brainstorming. Apparently, we have a lounge area that facilitates job interviews, a task that was previously carried out in our hotel lobby. Actually, the lobby didn’t provide enough privacy since you could see a panel of consultants glaring and scrolling at laptops as they prepare for a presentation. Even you could see people conducting their interviews. Our next goal is to broaden Mt Abram hotel as a place for both working professionals and vacation travelers.

Our café is airy, bright, and large, with free and faster Wi-Fi. In addition to well-trained waiters, our eateries are yummy and affordable depending on what you order. Note that we also serve all types of drinks during the day and evenings all days of the week. We have one of the best beverages including high-quality coffee to tug at the back of your throat while working with your computer.

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