Renovated Our Rooms & BathroomsWhen it comes to quality and comfort, many skiing and winter sports enthusiasts have long sworn by Mt. Abram Resort and Spa. For years, they have offered the epitome of luxury and amenities. Whether you want to relax and enjoy being pampered in the lap of luxury, or if you want to hit the slopes for some hardcore skiing or other outdoor activities, the newly renovated resort and spa is a great choice.

No matter why you need some time away, the newly renovated rooms and bathrooms are a huge draw for those who are discerning and only want the best of the best. We have recently updated and modernized all our furnishings and appliances. The bathrooms have received significant updates, including the installation of new, luxury toilets, appliances, and fixtures. Now is a great time to check out our new and improved accommodations.

Skiing is a fun past time and the powder has long drawn people from around the world and all walks of life. Whether a beginner or a hardened skier, there are slopes that are suitable for all needs and abilities. We even offer lessons to those who need a helping hand or are completely new to the sport. There are a variety of different vacation packages that are designed to meet the needs and tastes of visitors across a range of budgets.

Mt. Abrams offers beautiful vistas and fun activities for all winter sports enthusiasts. There are tons of different packages and accommodations available for all. If one member of your party wants to hit the slopes with regularity and another wants to spend a weekend being pampered with the latest spa treatments, Mt. Abrams offers something for both parties. This is a great destination for couples, friends, and even small family groups. There is something for everyone at Mt. Abrams.

We spent a great amount of time, money, and attention to detail when it came to our renovations. We have long prided ourselves in being the epitome of elite, upper crust, resorts and spas, and wanted to redesign with this focus in mind. We looked for areas that we could improve the ambiance for our clients, that would improve the experience of our visitors, and things that would encourage them to come back again and again.

renovate This is why we have focused so much on leisure and comfort when it comes to our rooms and bathrooms. You work hard, so why should you expect anything less during your well deserved breaks from the proverbial grind? A weekend (or more) at one of our resorts and spas is a great way to recharge and get that change of scenery we all need from time to time. And what better time to experience this reprieve than after a fresh renovation?

We know what it takes to create a sumptuous, high quality, relaxing winter vacation retreat. At Mt. Abrams, you are sure to have a delightful time, regardless of what you are looking for. From high octane outdoor sports options to indulgent spa treatments, we offer something for clients of discerning tastes and needs. Our outdoor activities are wide and varied and we offer something for people from all skill levels – from beginners to experts.

With newly renovated rooms and bathrooms, this is a great time to hit the powder and enjoy some much deserved pampering and luxury. We have fitted our rooms and bathrooms with the top of the line appliances and furnishings to ensure that you have the most comfortable and enjoyable stay as possible. Next time you are looking for a little time away from the daily grind, consider us as a potential retreat.