climate controlWhen it comes to relaxation, people love having the latest state of art lounging facilities. As such, they reward themselves at the best possible places. For instance, spending a holiday vacation at one of the world’s best hotels is much gratifying. Apart from being served with first-class foods, the interior temperature conditions should be regulated to make the rooms livable. At Mt Abram hotel, we use the latest technology to manage the climate in all rooms. If you planning a trip near this region, our facility is the best to give you a relaxing experience inside the fascinating accommodation rooms.

smart thermostatLet’s move past the excellent personalized quality service you will get. Allow me to tell you a little more about the interior heavenly bliss! State of the heating technology at the facility implies the temperature in all rooms is controlled using smart thermostats. What are they? Why so worthwhile in today’s climate control systems? Alright, they are small devices used to control the climate in a house remotely. They are quite useful because they bring temperature control right to the palm of your hands! Don’t take my word for it. You can visit and see for yourself how we manage climate control in our hotel. We also welcome new members because a high-quality service to all customers is one of our main goals.

smart thermostat 2Smart thermostats take the controls and operations of a traditional room heater. Interestingly, you must not be in the room or even in the vicinity for it to work. Traditional thermostats require manual settings on the control panel to set the temperature you wish and then wait for the space to heat up. Even when there is a remote control, it only works within a limited distance from the thermostat. With smart thermostats, all you need is an app on your phone, tablet or laptop. Thus, it is a significant leap as far as quality service delivery at the hotel is concerned. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity for us to advocate sustainability due to efficient consumption of energy.

Why we Included Smart Thermostats in Our Facility

smart thermostats phoneAs soon as you get your hotel cards, you can install the app on your phone. It takes less than a minute and then set the temperature of your choice in your room even before reaching there. No waiting for the temperature to rise or fall because smart thermostats can sense a drop or rise in temperature and turn on or off immediately. Due to its programmability, the device can monitor your daily behavior or your presence and then regulate the temperature accordingly.

You do not have to worry accidentally leaving the heater on. You have the authority to switch them on and off remotely using your mobile device. Agree with me that it’s much easier to forget to switch off the heater than to forget your phone in the hotel room. Therefore, the daily energy consumption is never altered. Smart thermostats reduce the logistical chores in our facility, as well as lowering energy bills. In other words, it’s a total blessing to our members!

It helps us control energy consumption because no need to heat rooms that are not in use. An easy control means less heating, indicating that our carbon footprint is not only under control but also monitored and the trends easily predicted. This is very useful in streamlining service delivery. Energy reports help us analyze the energy usage patterns and make viable plans accordingly. Therefore, we are able to tune our systems to specific customer preferences that use energy more efficiently. Freeing up our time means we have more of it to spend attending to your more demanding needs.

monitoring climate

With a smart thermostat, monitoring climate in your room is easy because it can be done remotely. You also receive status updates to your Smartphone and respond just by a click on the button. You are aware of what is going on. This becomes very practical because you can regulate the climate in the room even before the end of a meeting or event.

There is the convenience and comfort because you can request specifically reprogrammed temperature settings several days earlier. Depending on the number of days you will stay in the hotel room, you may request the management to arrange everything for you during the booking process. Smart thermostats can learn what the user does every day. It can line up itself so that you don’t keep on programming it on daily basis. It can do that on its own based on the temperature settings you like.

Basically, the thermostat keeps the track of your room heating preferences and remembers each from the settings and timelines. Smart thermostats have an array of benefits including energy saving. Energy saving is one of the ways we contribute towards achieving a sustainable facility that cares for the physical environment.