meeting roomHotels are not just meant for overnight stays. Their demand just as office spaces is increasing at a tremendous rate. Nowadays, hotels have become equivalent to the largest office buildings across the globe. Hotels are not just offering up their prevailing, under-used meeting rooms but are also configuring other property areas to create more space to meet the demand of the highly growing mobile taskforce.  are a few examples of workspace options that hotels provide to their customers to help them become more productive. At Mt Abram hotel, mobile professionals have been serving in lobbies and hotel rooms but they need a reserve-able workspace that can allow them to conduct business meetings, on-the-work sessions, and conference calls. At the hotel, we offer reliable, convenient, and high-quality workspaces to mobile professionals whenever they need it.

in-room workspacesSince workers are becoming less tied to their desks, at Mt Abram hotel, we have given our old in-room workspaces a new look. Typically, we have replaced the drawer boxy desks with more flexible, minimalist tables, which can serve several purposes. Our laptop trays enable our guests to type either on a bed or sofa. We also have abundant electrical outlets that allow travelers to just plug in anywhere. Since the traditional desk is gradually going extinct in our recent renovation, we replaced them with what can be taken to be a desk height wall-mounted shelf, which is a bit smaller but can accommodate a laptop and some paperwork.

ergonomic office chairsFor guests who prefer working as they recline, we have mobile desks. These essentially have a tray on wheels and an adjustable height, which you can pull up to your sofa or bed hence you will not need to place your laptop on your laps. However, for guests who prefer the traditional office chairs, we have evolved our traditional models and made them more modern and sleek. At our facility, we have launched a new room design that eradicates the traditional forms to facilitate what we call a blended space concept. This incorporates ergonomic office chairs, portable tables, and sofas for more options for our guests. Certainly, we are trying to bring the residential sensation at the facility’s guest rooms with a more than a desk, which usually comes with its specific table match. Our guests have a wide range of expectations and can work in various ways, and that is why we have everything at our disposal. We also do have high-speed internet and ergonomic computer chairs.

The way people are somehow expected to perpetually work around the clock has made working in strange places a common practice. This can be anywhere including at the kitchen tables or the hotel couches. We have also softened our layout with a table rather than a desk to appeal to leisure travelers that make about 40 percent of our guests. Since we aspire to create rooms that have the Bohemian apartment feeling, we have provided various stylish options with sufficient working surfaces. Definitely, we have had the opportunity of rethinking our rooms by considering how present-day individuals work. Another factor that drove this change is the access to wireless Internet that enables guests to literally work from any room. This is also the reason why we increased the number of our electrical outlets. Our new room renovation, for example, incorporates several outlets with a more advanced design compared to previous ones. Also, there are USB ports fitted into desks and beds.

ergonomic chairsEven after adding these outlets, we have also tried to utilize mobility by squeezing our rooms with more functionality. A dining chair is basically not upright as an office chair. At the facility, we have the suitable ergonomic chairs that ensure the guests are comfortably sitting as they work since their backs and elbows can rest on an appropriate position. We have heavily focused on media and introduced a work table, which allows numerous users to share documents from their devices.  We also have a whiteboard area that is fit for brainstorming. Apparently, we have a lounge area that facilitates job interviews, a task that was previously carried out in our hotel lobby. Actually, the lobby didn’t provide enough privacy since you could see a panel of consultants glaring and scrolling at laptops as they prepare for a presentation. Even you could see people conducting their interviews. Our next goal is to broaden Mt Abram hotel as a place for both working professionals and vacation travelers.

Our café is airy, bright, and large, with free and faster Wi-Fi. In addition to well-trained waiters, our eateries are yummy and affordable depending on what you order. Note that we also serve all types of drinks during the day and evenings all days of the week. We have one of the best beverages including high-quality coffee to tug at the back of your throat while working with your computer.