wine barMost restaurateurs across the globe have really picked up on the wine culture. This means that new restaurants, wine bars, and cafes are all opening their doors in the hope of having the most breath-taking drinking options. Some are true wine culture representations since they comprise of talent veterans in the industry who have a passion for and deep understanding of wine, and are willing to share what they love with the rest of the world.  At Mt Abram hotel, our wine bar is a place where the main objective is not only image and profit but also to expose more individuals to affordable and excellent wines while bringing their palates to new echelons.

wine-bar1Our seductive wine bar has a fine atmosphere characterized by subdued lighting, soft music, and shelves loaded with bottles, cave downstairs, and hanging lamps. Our wine list comprises of rare to find brands like Felix Torr charcuterie, which is made from Corsican pork. We have a very friendly atmosphere and a wide variety of the best wines from all over the world. Whichever you might require, just order with one of our bartenders and let them show you the selections available. Basically, our wine bar is renowned for its comprehensive wine list, which appeals to both connoisseur and novice alike. We aspire to maintain this tradition with a wine program, which is informed and yearning to share wines that exhibit a resilient sense of their place of origin. As a bottom line, authentic wines made with nominal intervention have the capability of invoking joy and motivating conversation. In addition to our incredible wine collection, we also have an all-embracing beer list and our yummy eateries ranging from pie to pastries and sea foods. Furthermore, throughout the year, various artist, events, specials, and tastings pop up, making our facility among the best spots to have a soothing relaxing time.

wines1At Mt Abram hotel, our selection endless wine types that include a range of large-format splits and bottles feels like it is owned by a much bigger restaurant than our numbered seat bistro. Our rare grouping of well-priced, eclectic and globally comprehensive bottles mostly cost a few bucks. Our wines are accompanied by delicately fabricated plates that contain ingredients fresh off our restaurant’s charcoal grill. Some of our delicacies include but are not limited to smoked beets with Almond cheese and bulgur, and grilled octopus with agrodolce, coriander yogurt, and spiced pistachios.  We also have a seasonally revolving menu of creative and classic originals that you might have never tasted in your lifetime!

wine 2Alright, it is a bit difficult to keep up since there are so many good wine bars opening. However, at our facility, the guests get to enjoy our wide range of wines and the common theme of classiness. Our bottles are reasonably priced and our wine list changes frequently. Our cozy, laidback atmosphere gives you the feeling of a private club without the membership fees and stuffiness.  Our wine bar is a great joint to hang out after a hard day’s work owing to its convivial, informal and relaxed nature.

Visit our wine bar and you will get to see cured meat hunks hanging in our restaurant display, which can tell you more about Mt Abram hotel and its chefs. Our charcuterie is made in-house and this part of the menu is our strong point. Our room is very impressive: tufted, stylish purple bar stools face our extraordinary wine wall and the distinguished light bulbs hang on top of the chairs and wooden tables. Our touches are very classy and we are the region’s culinary force.

Dual-Zone Thermo-Electric CoolersOur wine bar has three different built-in wine coolers. For these coolers, ventilation is such that they can seamlessly be integrated with cabinets. We have installed Dual-Zone Thermo-Electric Coolers. This brand is flawless, slim and tall. This black, sleek thermoelectric cooler is the same as the size of a tall kitchen garbage bin.  It is perfect for fitting in narrow spaces. This brand is serious with dual zones since it has several compartments isolated by a seal on the inner side of the door. Each zone’s temperature and light are independently managed with subtle touchscreen buttons, which beep with each gentle tap.  The top zone of the cooler is always cooler, with optimum temperatures. The shelves can accommodate several bottles of wine, but they can be detached to create a more space for a few more bottles. The bottom zone can comfortably accommodate a few bottles and its temperatures maintain the wines at their best storage temperature.

Our wine bar is not only known for its leading list of wines but also for its broad-ranging selection of cheese. Therefore, you can truly be spoilt for choice with our limitless types of cheese. Interestingly, all our cheese boards come with pickles, bread, and butter!