massage chairProbably, you have seen some exceptional amenities in hotel rooms. Some are useful while others are just plain cool. Well, if you ever spend a night in a club room at Mount Abram Hotel, you will be mesmerized by our rooms in general but our massage chair will surely catch your attention. If you generally love massages and adore these chairs, then you should consider checking in. The massage chair is not a weak one that just massages some parts of your body. Instead, it engulfs you, squeezes your feet, hips, and shoulders, which is equivalent to being massaged by four massage therapists at once.

massage chair 2At Mount Abram Hotel, we have decided to include a massage chair in every room because it helps customers relax and take a break from the fast-paced present-day life. The best way to achieve this is through massage since it relieves your body from pain and gives you more health benefits. Massage helps you ease anxiety and stress and also lowers your blood pressure. The massage chair at Mount Abram Hotel gives you a professional massage without the need of hiring a personal masseuse. Since you might not have the money and time for routine sessions, this chair provides you with a user-friendly and affordable alternative with better benefits.

Osaki OS-4000Apparently, there are many companies that fabricate massage chairs. However, at Mount Abram Hotel, we have the Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity. We believe that following a hard day’s work, customers can enjoy calming pressure on their bodies’ key muscles and achieve utmost relaxation with our hotel’s massage chair. The comfortable seat rocks you and gives you an extraordinary massage. Therefore, if you are looking at soothing your back pain, or solely achieving some relaxation, then you should consider trying our massage chair.

massage chair 3The custom made massage chair at Mount Abram Hotel precisely gives you what you need — well-being, enhanced health, relaxations and chill-out moments. It performs various preset programs and expert massage procedures to provide you with a lot of holistic benefits. The chair applies smooth slithering strokes with either light or firm pressure to help work out serious muscle tissues adhesions and knotsĀ and diverts your mind away from troubling thoughts. This chair provides a positive feeling to our customers and helps them relieve their emotional stress, muscular and anatomical problems.

The massage chair is made of synthetic leather, has a stylish design, a solid construction, and provides customers with exceptional performance. The chair also gives you zero gravity positions. Therefore, you can either change or recline its angle to achieve the type of relaxation and massage you want. The smart massage chair’s robot scans your entire body and micro-adjusts itself while focusing on your neck, shoulders and lumbar. The chair is designed and is suitable for a full body massage from shoulders, neck, arms to buttocks, and calves. You can personalize your massage sessions through selecting any of the six auto-programs (smart, healthcare, therapy, demo, relax and circulation) and the six massage styles (clapping, kneading, rolling, shiatsu, combo and Swedish). Furthermore, customers who need more adjustment can use the available five intensity and speed levels. Read more on

massage chair 4

The chair has strategically positioned airbags to target various parts of the body. The Osaki OS-4000 can also provide you with heat therapy for your lower back, vibration for your buttocks, air massage for hips, back, shoulders, and neck air squeeze massage. The massage chair is an energy booster. You can read more on The deep rolling and kneading massages at your lower back, upper back, and neck help boost blood circulation in your body and ease muscle tension. The double vibrating built-in motors relax your body and strengthen your metabolism. The exceptional up-down movement of the massage is designed based on the somatology concept. The chair’s numerous massage heads work in unison imitating the real full body rolling and kneading human hand massage. The back massage cushion has the upper back, lower back, and full back massage variations, which make it adaptable and ideal to use in our hotel rooms.

The massage chair not only provides you with relaxation but also serves as a reliever from various health conditions. For instance, back pain is a major problem among many office workers due to bad postures at work. The massage chair at Mount Abram Hotel provides you with continuous massage therapy anytime you need it. This way, you will minimize your intake of pain killers since the massage chair is devised to follow the outline of your spinal cord and locate particular fatigue muscle tissues and stress points. The massage chair has a comprehensive coverage, making it a perfect masseur that eases back pains. With its built-in therapy, be sure to relieve your back from pains and sores. The massage chair’s full-body massage therapy also rectifies blood flow in each part of your body from your toe to the base of your head.