unfiltered waterMost of water supply to commercial buildings is not 100% fit for human drinking until it is filtered. The treatment is done to get rid of the impurities such as heavy metals, microorganisms, and buildups. Water hardness is also a concern, and therefore water softeners do a good job to reduce the hardness. To ensure our members are supplied with clean water, we have installed water filters, softeners, and efficient reverse osmosis systems. Softened water is perfect for washing and bathing, while filtered water is used for drinking and cooking.

water filterIn various social facilities, customers rely on bottled water. It is expensive in terms of money, and that is why we decided to install various water filters such as point-of-use and portable models. The point-of-use versions are usually installed below sinks or faucets so that our members can access drinking water at ease. On the other hand, the portable models are placed at distinct points outside the building to allow customers get water while undertaking outdoor activities. Since the facility attracts enormous customers throughout the year, we have different filters in order to ensure availability of safe and clean water for them.

Soft water is basically required for washing and shower purposes. Every room has an efficient supply of softened water, which is also used in washing machines and showers for bathrooms. Hard water is not very recommended for bathing because it makes the skin dry. However, we have ensured our adorable members enjoy a relaxing shower without unwelcoming outcomes. Additionally, hard water makes hair dry and sticky. With our softened water, you can rest assured of maintaining your natural hair healthy after every shower.

Our members have different water needs. For instance, there are those undergoing medical treatments and may be they need specific water quality. For those that want pure water, we have reverse osmosis to purify water. Filtered water contains some minerals that may not be healthy to members suffering from disorders such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Those suffering from kidney stones may also need mineral-free water, and therefore RO water becomes a better alternative for them. Cancer patients also drink purified water because it doesn’t contain contaminants which may weaken their immune system.

portable water filter

Types of Water Softeners

In every room in our facility, there are showers with both hot and cold bath options. Softened water is free from calcium and sodium ions which are the key impurities in hard water. So, the water is quite clean for both washing and shower without drying the skin. Every member is able to access clean water for a relaxing bath, and keep the good looks of the skin. Again, softened water leaves your hair feeling moisturized, sleek, and smooth. Another important aspect of softened water is that you don’t need more shampoos and soaps because they dissolve very well. The scum formed as a result of the reaction between soap and calcium/sodium ions is disappointing because it sticks to the hair and skin.

softened water

The clothes are also affected negatively by the hard water. Those salts of sodium and calcium can be trapped within the fabric and damage the clothes. We don’t want our customers to have an awful experience while in the facility, and thus we ensure softened water is supplied throughout the bathrooms. It can be very demoralizing to find that your clothes’ color has faded, and probably it was a favorite outfit for the next day’s meeting or conference! Alright, let us see the types of water softeners;

Salt-free softeners are most commonly used as they use filters without the need for salt, potassium, or chemical applications. This method does not affect minerals, but it is not very effective for very hard water. Ion exchange water softeners involve exchanging ions in water with the potassium or sodium ions. This helps in getting rid of ions responsible for water hardness and prolonged washing of dishwashers and washing machines. However, our drinking water is not treated through this process due to extreme sodium ion concentrations.

salt based softenersAnother method is the salt based softeners, which use two water tanks, one filled with brine and the other filled with resin beads. It also works on the basis of ion exchange by substituting salt for hard substances such as salts of magnesium, calcium, and iron.

softened water 2Our facility requires a huge amount of water and that is why we decided to have a dual-tank water softening unit, which comes with 2 resin tanks. This is the smartest solution to cater for the regeneration cycle which occurs at night. During the recharging period of a water softener, it disconnects from the water supply system. This means it is not in function, and therefore demand for softened water is cut during that time. The dual-tank water softening unit is useful when a large amount of softened water is needed.